Alternative Giving Guide – 2020

With the giving season upon us, and the certainty that CUMC will not be having people/services in the building, we will therefore not be having a giving tree as we have in the past. With that said, CUMC is providing this Alternative Gift Giving Guide as a way for our staff and congregation members to give locally during this time of year.

Click here for the Guide!

Sunday Live Stream

Attendance Registration

Sunday Worship Times

8:30am: Drive-in Worship in East Parking Lot (Please remain in your cars for this interactive worship experience)

10:00am: Live-Stream Worship (Please join us for this traditional and musical worship service)



Worship is the fundamental practice of the Christian and at Central we want every member and friend of our congregation to be part of one of our worship services.



At Central we want each person in our congregation to be involved in a ministry that helps them “navigate” their life by knowing Jesus more fully.



There are multiple ministries at Central that allow for this to happen and range from homeless ministries to homebound communion to cleaning the sanctuary



Engage calls us to be intentional in prayer, spiritual growth and our journey of being more like Jesus who called his would-be disciples to “engage.”

October 2021 Educational Opportunities Footsteps of Paul Cruise

Join Pastor Kelly for the Educational Opportunities FootSteps of Paul Cruise, October 3-14th 2021 (Tour: GC21, Code C, ID 55108). You will arrive in Venice from Albuquerque on October 3rd, and then on to Katakolon, Santorini, Ephesus, Mykonos, Athens, and Corinth. A pre-tour to Florence and a post-tour to Venice is also available. Additional information and registration information can be found on

Contact Pastor Kelly with questions or scholarship information